Sunday, 16 April 2017

About Donations (of) CDs and requests ONLY HERE! [Latest update: 24th November, 2017]

Heya guys! First of all, Happy Easter! :D I hope you have a great day with your family and friends.

Now I want to talk something I was thinking about a while now. And this is something that a lot of sites (that share music or not) have those donations links where you can make a small payment (IF you want) to help for more CDs and everything. So I decided to make it too. 
Now I will explain... YOU ARE NOT FORCED TO MAKE A DONATION TO DOWNLOAD MY COLLECTIONS! And I will not change that! But it will help me to buy more CDs as they are very expensive and I don't live in Japan! And you should not forget: I am a college student. I still have to pay student loan. And all of my money from my part time job goes there. 

So now you can make donations to my paypal account:

IF you are donating using the second link, make sure you post your email there so I can personally send you a Thank You! mail. :)
(IF you are donating, and you will make a request, I will fufill it in about 4 weeks-2 months [the shipping time to my country from CDJapan, the site where I buy all my Japanese stuffs from, kind of depends between 2 weeks to 1 month, if my country or Japan has an important holiday]. MAKE SURE you message me so I know you made a donation.)

With the donations I'm getting I will search and buy the rare CDs I've been looking for. The first one on my list is THE IDOLM@STER MASTER SPECIAL WINTER [Limited Edition] which has the solos of Kimi wa Melody! :) 

I will mostly buy from CDJapan (because I did it before and it's a serious site) but if you brought from other sites and they have shipping to Romania I will try them. 

That being said, I will re-open the Love Live! Music Collection if I get enough donations, so stay tunned! ~ ;D

Donation(s) so far : 25 EUR
Donator(s) request(s) : none at the moment (Will be up in ___ days!)

NOTE: Donations requested CDs will be posted on a later date to the music collections! 


  1. I am going to say Amazon sells used J-pop/anime CDs, including IDOLM@STER CDs at an extremely lower price than CDJapan. CDJapan is very expensive on shipping, are often out of stock, and they never run a used sale. I used to shop at CDJapan, but it became too expensive. Used CDs on Amazon may not be new, but when I buy them from Amazon, the CDs are always in excellent condition and most of the time are first-pressed editions. I have bought an Aikatsu CD used, and it came with an original game card and a never used CD. I have also bought a used Pokemon anime CD from 2011 for $2.50 USD w/$3.99 shipping, and the CD was clean and came with the original sticker pack. I have also bought several new IDOLM@STER CDs for cheap on Amazon.

    However, I am from America and not Romania so the shipping and pricing may be different. I only pay $3.99 USD for shipping, which is pretty cheap. On CDJapan, I have to pay about $9.00 USD for basic shipping. You should check into Amazon's used marketplace, it is really great.

  2. Hi, thanks for share Im@s soundtrack, but I'm wondering if i can help you sharing some songs from The Idolm@aster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, mainly Background songs and some tracks unreleased in Cd's.

    Best Regards.

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